e-Book: Water and Wastewater Analysis (2nd edition) UV/Vis spectroscopy | sum parameter analysis | molecular biology | elemental analysis

Contents of this e-book

Our mission is to support customers worldwide with Analytik Jena equipment and solutions to improve their services and products and thus sustainably increase environmental quality and the quality of life. Today, environmental analysis faces major challenges: Ever-increasing numbers of samples must often be processed with dwindling financial and human resources. We are addressing these demands with the application examples and solutions demonstrated in this document. The e-book highlights central applications as well as new trends in water analysis. In focus are proven sum parameters such as TOC/TNb, AOX, and upcoming parameters like AOF and EOF (important in PFAS determination). Further main topics are UV/Vis spectroscopy and elemental analysis by AAS and ICP-techniques, e.g., phosphorous in sewage sludge. The e-book also presents solutions for molecular biological testing by Real-time PCR with increased importance on water pathogen detection and wastewater-based epidemiology (e.g., SARS-CoV-2). Get to know flexibly applicable methods and technologies that can be individually tailored to your individual application.

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