Palm Oil – an edible oil case study in quality, safety and process monitoring by means of elemental analysis and UV/Vis spectroscopy

Contents & goals of the web seminar

Duration: ~45 min
Language: English

Speakers: Dr. Sebastian Wünscher, Dr. Francisco Escobar

This web seminar will discuss a series of quality and food safety parameters, as well as process efficiency indicators for edible oils, using palm oil as an example.

The speakers will outline the value chain of palm oil and indicate where the analysis of element contents and the probing oil degradation at molecular level are meaningful and routinely performed. The session will cover three techniques, namely combustion elemental analysis, atomic spectroscopy by means of ICP-OES, and UV/Vis spectrophotometry (molecular spectroscopy).

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand how elemental analysis contributes to safety, quality and process efficiency of edible oils
  • Learn about a simple and effective risk assessment analytical tool of palm oil products by combustion elemental analysis
  • Explore application fields of atomic spectroscopy in the analysis of edible oils along their value chains
  • Find out about the advantages of high-quality UV/Vis spectrophotometers in palm oil samples with concentrated and diluted carotene content.