Web Seminar MALDI-TOF Sample Prep Scale up to 1 Mio. samples a week

Contents & goals of the web seminar

Duration: ~25 min
Language: English

MALDI-TOF-MS sample preparation – A comprehensive view of automated liquid handling concepts

Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS) has been recently developed and calls for novel approaches in the design of automated liquid handling systems. In this discussion, we provide an overview of application demands for a reliable sample preparation automation – from a small and easy-to-use workstation to a fully automated integration solution by Analytik Jena. We highlight the challenges that need to be overcome to improve the lab process including the liquid handling leading to an increased quality of your results. We present an outlook to further fields of applications possible with our systems such as SAMDI, biotyping, screening etc. In addition, we provide guidelines for selecting a suitable system for MALDI-TOF-MS sample preparation.

  • Advantages of laboratory automation workflows
  • Challenges during the optimization of automated MALDI-TOF sample preparation
  • How to successfully overcome hardware, software and labware challenges
  • Recommendations in optimization of liquid handling parameters

Target group: Users looking to automate their MALDI-TOF sample prep