E-book: Versatile Multiplex Imaging

The Versatility of Modern Imaging Systems

Historically, imaging systems have required significant technical know-how in order to wade through the tedious work of optimizing and compositing images to get the clearest view. Not so much anymore, according to the experts and regular users interviewed for the articles in "The Versatility of Modern Imaging Systems".

Download this e-book now and discover:

  • How modern imaging systems offer the “smartphone experience” where results are obtained easier, quicker, and automatically.
  • How new technologies are improving multiplexing by working across greater ranges of wavelengths using lasers and LEDs.
  • How photon flux measurement offers direct comparison of different images at different times, eliminating experimental bias.

Imaging systems featured in this e-book

  • UVP ChemStudio Imagers
  • UVP GelStudio Imagers
  • UVP iBox Imagers

E-book available for download on biocompare.com