Biometra Model S2 Sequencing gel electrophoresis system

  • Standard system with large-sized gel
  • Produces a 30 cm x 40 cm gel that fits easily on a standard 14 in x 17 in X-ray film

Product Details

  • Produces a 30 cm x 40 cm gel that fits easily on a standard 14 in x 17 in X-ray film
  • Integral aluminum plate for even heat distribution to minimise band curvation (“smiling”)
  • Removable lower buffer tray with a separate chamber for collecting the buffer from the upper reservoir, eliminating the need to move the apparatus for buffer disposal
  • Built-in integral clamps hold the gel in place
  • Unique gasket sealing system ensures leak-free operation without grease or notched plates
  • Safety interlock lid
  • Additional combs and apparatus components available separately

Sequencing Gel Electrophoresis System
The Model S2 Sequencing Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus is designed for vertical polyacrylamide gel separations of oligo- and polynucleotides, nucleic acid sequencing, genotyping and polymorphic studies.

Technical Data

Apparatus dimensions (W x D x H)

Gel dimensions (W x H)

42.2 cm × 21.6 cm × 44.5 cm31.0 cm × 38.5 cm
Working buffer volume: 1 L 

Order Information

Order numberItem

Please note: These product is under discontinuation. Sale of remaining stocks. In case of interest please send us your request for availability.

Model S2: Complete with power cords, four 14 cm 0.4 mm vinyl sharktooth combs, set of 0.4 mm thick vinyl side spacers; pair of glass plates, roll of gel sealing tape
Square tooth combs for Model S2001 and S2
Order number

Number of teeth

Comb thickness


846-21035043160.4 mm25 μl
846-21035076200.4 mm19 μl

1.6 mm

100 µl

846-21035092201.6 mm76 μl
846-21035118320.8 mm20 μl
Shark tooth combs
Order number

Comb length





846-2104501814 cm0.4 mm252 – 4 μl6
846-2104601628 cm0.4 mm502 – 4 μl2
846-2104502614 cm

0.4 mm


1 – 2 μl4
846-2110531714 cm0.19 mm252 – 4 μl6
846-2110534114 cm0.35 mm252 – 4 μl6
846-2103513428 cm0.35 mm622 – 4 μl2
Replacement parts for Sequencing Apparatus Model S2
Order numberDescriptionDimensionsContent

Spacer Set for Model

0.35 mm

2 Spacer,
6 End blocks


Spacer Set for Model

0.4 mm2 Spacer,
6 End blocks
846-31109010Spacer Set for Model

0.8 mm

2 Spacer,
6 End blocks

846-31109028Spacer Set for Model
1.6 mm2 Spacer,
6 End blocks
846-21107016Wedge Spacer for
Model S2001/S2
0.4 – 1.2 mm2 Spacer
846-21105069Spacer Set for
Model S2001/S2
0.8 mm1 Spacer

Spacer Set for
Model S2001/S2


1.2 mm1 Spacer
846-21105051Spacer Set for
Model S2001/S2
1.6 mm1 Spacer
846-21105382Spacer foam blocks 12 Pieces
846-11034014Glass Plate Set for
33 cm × 39 cm2 Plates
846-11032018Gel Sealing Tape 1 roll
846-21105358Sealing for buffer
chamber S2001/S2
 1 Pieces
846-11098019Clamps for
Gel Sandwich
 12 Pieces
monitor strips
 3 Pieces

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