Biometra Minigel-Twin PAGE electrophoresis made easy

  • Leak-free sealing system (profiled silicone rubber seal)

  • Fixed glass spacers

  • Easy handling

  • High sample resolution

  • Short running times

Product Details


  • Gel dimensions: 8.6 cm x 7.7 cm (W x L)
  • Double-gel system

During electrophoresis the inner glass plate is in tight contact with the upper buffer reservoir for effi cient heat removal and smile-free runs. Twin-gel system with optimised design that allows separation of up to 56 samples in one run. One or two gel operation is possible.

Pre-cast gels
8 cm x 10 cm or 10 x 10 cm PAGE gels from most suppliers fit in Minigel-Twin.

Gel Casting Stand
The Gel Casting Stand is a useful accessory for Minigel-Twin that allows
the casting of up to 5 single gels. The special design of the housing allows easy tilting to bring the gel sandwiches to an angle of 45° for the pouring process. This allows the gel solution to run slowly along one side of the plate sandwich to avoid air bubbles. After pouring the gels the casting stand has to be turned back to bring the gel sandwiches into vertical position for polymerisation.

Minigel Glass Plate Stand
In the Minigel Glass Plate Stand up to 6 separate glass plates or sets of glass plates for Minigel-Twin can be stored. Additional the Glass Plate Stand is the system of choice for drying of glass plates after cleaning. This stand is not designed for gel casting.

Rotary Table
The Rotary Table for Twin-chambers allows easy sample loading by turning the whole chamber. The table fits to Minigel-Twin, Mini-V8.10, Eco-Mini family, Multigel and Multigel-Long.

Technical Data

Apparatus dimensions
(W x D x H)
23.6 x 16.0 x 18.2 cm
Gel size (W x L)8.6 x 7.7 cm
Glass plate size (W x L)10.5 x 9.8 cm
Number of gels1 or 2

max. 28 samples per gel
(56 samples total)


Number of WellsVolume per Well
0.61 prep. (without marker lane)2401
1 prep. + 2 marker lanes18 and 2301
1 prep. + 2 marker lanes2 x 15 and 210
10 prep.35
1 prep. (without marker lane)450
1 prep. (without marker lane)400
1 prep. + 1 marker lane30 and 3801
1 prep. + 2 marker lanes2 x 25 and 3501
10 prep.60
Buffer volume260 ml (upper buffer chamber) + 2 x 90 (lower buffer chambers)

1 Volume of the preparative well

Order Information

Order numberItem
 Minigel Systems
846-010-100Minigel-Twin, complete system with 2 sets of glass plates with fixed 1 mm spacers, 2 silicone rubber seals, 2 combs (10 wells) and 2 sets of clips (6 pcs)
846-010-140Minigel-Twin, dto., but with fixed 0.6 mm spacers
846-010-130Minigel-Twin, buffer chamber and safety lid; without accessories
Order numberAccessories
846-010-001Glass plate with fixed spacers, 1.0 mm
846-010-002Glass plate with fixed spacers, 0.6 mm
846-010-003Notched glass plate with straight edge
846-010-004Notched glass plate with inclined edge
846-010-055Silicone rubber seal, 1.0 mm (2 pcs)
846-010-056Silicone rubber seal, 0.6 mm (2 pcs)
846-010-058Grey seal to be attached to the main chamber (4 pcs)
846-010-057Clips (6 pcs)
 Combs, 1.0 mm thick (max. volume/well)
846-010-0105 wells (70 µl)
846-010-01110 wells (25 µl)
846-010-02310 wells, for big volumes and high protein concentrations (60 µl)
846-014-01716 wells (20 µl)
846-010-01220 wells (15 µl)
846-014-01928 wells (8 µl)
846-010-008preparative, without marker lane (400 µl)
846-014-023preparative, without marker lane (450 µl)
846-010-022preparative, with marker lane (30 µl und 380 µl)
846-010-009preparative, with 2 marker lanes (2 × 25 µl und 350 µl)
 Combs, 0.6 mm thick (max. volume/well)
846-010-0155 wells (40 µl)
846-010-01610 wells (15 µl)
846-010-02410 wells, for big volumes and high protein concentrations (35 µl)
846-014-01816 wells (10 µl)
846-010-02020 wells (9 µl)
846-010-013preparative, without marker lane (240 µl)
846-010-021preparative, with 1 marker lane (18 µl and 230 µl)
846-010-014preparative, with 2 marker lanes (2 × 15 µl and 210 µl)
 Further Accessories
846-010-018Minigel Glass Plate Stand (for Minigel and Minigel-Twin)
846-010-032Gel Casting Stand for up to 5 mini-gels
846-010-019Rotary Table for twin-chambers (Minigel-Twin, Mini-V8·10, Eco-Mini, Multigel, Multigel-Long, Model V16-2)

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