RoboGene HBV DNA Quantification Kit 2.0

Real-Time PCR-based detection system for highly sensitive quantification of Hepatitis B-Virus (HBV)-DNA

Product Details

  • CE certified kit for distinguishing between acute and chronic HBV infection and to assess the viral response to antiviral treatment
  • Detection of genotypes (A-G) with equal efficiency
  • Contains ready-to-use, lyophilized standards and extraction tubes coated with Internal Control DNA
  • Complete Workflow: Combination of fast and easy DNA isolation with subsequent highly specific analysis

The CE certified RoboGene HBV DNA Quantification Kit 2.0 is intended for real-time PCR quantification of HBV DNA in human plasma or serum samples. In conjunction with other clinical markers and clinical findings the level of HBV DNA can be used to distinguish between acute and chronic HBV infection and to assess the viral response to antiviral treatment. Following extraction of viral DNA using the INSTANT Virus RNA/DNA Kit and thanks to the internal RoboGene extraction and amplification concept as well as high-quality quantitative standards the RoboGene HBV DNA Quantification Kit 2.0 features a perfect analytical and diagnostic specificity. The HBV genotypes (A-G) are amplified with equal efficiency. Pre-coated sample and standard tubes as well as the implemented contamination control by means of optional UDG digestion ensure a minimum error rate and allow safe exclusion of false-negative results.


Starting Material

DNA from human plasma and serum

Detection time

120 min

Performance Characteristics

Contamination control by means of optional UDG digestion 


24 IU/ml


Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg)

Detection principle

Quantitative qPCR (TaqMan)

Linear range

5 - 109 copies/reaction

Order Information

Order number Quantity
Regular profile strips
0.2 ml clear (RUO)
136 reactions
72 reactions
Regular profile tubes 0.2 ml clear132 reactions
66 reactions
Reaction tubes 25 µl (RUO)136 reactions
70 reactions
Low profile strips 0.1 ml clear136 reactions
72 reactions

Low profile strips 0.1 ml white

136 reactions
72 reactions



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Product Flyer RoboGene Product Family

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Poster Quantification of Hepatitis B DNA by Real-Time PCR

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