smart Blood DNA Midi Direct prep (a96) - FX

Fully automated DNA extraction of up to 96 samples in parallel - including internal lysis

Product Details

  • Automatic high throughput application including lysis
  • Excellent performance tested for extraction of DNA from fresh or frozen blood stabilized with EDTA, citrate and heparin, PAXgene® Blood DNA Tube or buffy coat
  • Minimal hands-on time thanks to pre-filled kit version
  • High yield and quality of extracted DNA

The smart Blood DNA Midi Direct prep (a96) – FX kit has been designed for direct and automated isolation of high molecular weight genomic DNA from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) derived from fresh or frozen blood using CyBio FeliX. Thanks to the innovative internal lysis up to 1 ml whole blood stabilized with EDTA, citrate, heparin as well as sampled with PAXgene® Blood DNA Tubes and buffy coat can be used directly. The use of premium pre-filled kit versions allows an additional saving of time, but low-priced non-filled versions are available as well. After surface adsorption of PBMC, cells are lysed and released genomic DNA efficiently binds to Smart Modified Surfaces exclusively developed by Analyik Jena (patent pending). Moreover, the extraction method benefits from the low-salt Dual-Chemistry (DC) technology (patented). Based on the gentle nature of the extraction process DNA fragmentation is minimized. After washing, the high molecular weight genomic DNA is eluted and is ready for use in subsequent downstream applications.

SmartExtraction - We Change the Way to Prep

Nucleic acid isolation and purification are among the most widespread laboratory methods worldwide. Analytik Jena's innovative “SmartExtraction” technology is a global innovation in nucleic acid extraction.


Starting Material

  • 0.2 – 1.0 ml whole blood
  • Fresh or frozen blood (max. two freeze/thaw cycles)
  • stabilized with EDTA, citrate, heparin
  • PAXgene® Blood DNA Tube
  • 0.2 – 1.0 ml buffy coat (derived from up to 2.0 ml stabilized whole blood)*

* The blood has to fulfill the conditions described for extraction from whole blood.

Average Yield

  • Depending on sample quality/amount of starting material
  • Up to 500 µl: 5 – 15 µg
  • Up to 1,000 µl: 15 – 40 µg
  • Using buffy coat of an equivalent of 2 ml whole blood: 30 – 60 µg


Extraction Time

  • Depending on sample volume
  • Up to 500 µl: 90 minutes
  • Up to 1,000 µl: 120 minutes


150 – 500 µl

Order Information

Order number  Amount
845-FX-429609696 reactions (Non-filled)
845-FX-42964805 x 96 reactions (Non-filled)
845-PFX-429609696 reactions (Pre-filled)
This kit can only be used in CyBio FeliX> using the CyBio Extraction Set.



CyBio Extraction Set
(includes: 1x CyBio Felix head R 96/1000 µl, incl. protective magazine; 3x 96 channel magazine for CyBio Felix head R 96/1000 µl; 3x holder; 97 mm height; 1x 8 channel adapter for CyBio Felix head R 96/1000 µl incl. holder; 37 mm height; 1x CyBio FeliX gripper incl. holder; 37 mm height; 1x magnetic adapter Magnum FLX Enhanced; 1x BioShake 3000-T elm, incl. adapter for deep well plates; 1x waste box; 1x tip converter 96/1000 µl; 1x tip rack 96/1000 µl; control accessories (cable, USB hub, adapter))


Manual smart Blood DNA Midi Direct prep (a96) - FX

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smart Blood DNA Midi Direct prep (a96) - FX, prefilled

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SDS smart Blood DNA Midi Direct prep (a96) - FX_pre-filled_en_20190620

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Automated DNA/RNA Extraction with the CyBio FeliX

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Brochure SmartExtraction (eng)

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