innuSPEED Bacteria/Fungi RNA Kit

Extraction of total cellular RNA from fungal spores  and gram+ bacteria

Product Details

  • No DNase I digestion: filter membrane for fast, selective removal of genomic DNA 
  • Integrated inactivation of endogenous and exogenous RNases
  • Improved extraction without the use of toxic β-mercaptoethanol

The innuSPEED Bacteria/Fungi RNA Kit has been designed for rapid homogenization and includes an efficient process for digesting the cell walls of fungal spores and gram+ bacteria in specially developed Lysis Tubes; the process utilizes the SpeedMill (or other homogenizers). The starting sample is then denatured; the unique Lysis Buffer deactivates endogenous and exogenous RNases. Once the genomic DNA has been selectively removed, the RNA is bound to the surfaceof a Spin Filter membrane, washed and then finally eluted from the membrane. The isolated RNA is immediately available for downstream applications.


Starting material

  • Gram+ bacteria (max. 1 × 109)
  • Fungal spores

Average yield

  • Depends on the type and quantity of the starting material
  • Up to 30 µg

Extraction time

  • Homogenization and lysis: approx. 40 minutes
  • Purification: approx. 10 minutes

Binding capacity

Column binding capacity: > 30 µg RNA

Average purity

1,7 – 2,0

Order Information

Ordner numberQuantity
845-KS-251001010 reactions
845-KS-251005050 reactions


Brochure Product Guide Extraction

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Manual innuSPEED Bacteria Fungi RNA Kit

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Short Manual innuSPEED Bacteria Fungi RNA Kit Protocol 1

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Other Devices

SpeedMill PLUS

The SpeedMill PLUS is a highly efficient homogenization system for various starting materials used for the subsequent isolation and purification of DNA, RNA, or proteins.

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