ELISAs for Human Tau Protein

Diverse ELISAs for human Tau protein for supporting diagnosis of Alzheimer`s disease

Product Details

  • CE-IvD certified Kits for quantitative determination of total Tau protein, phosphorylated Tau (within amino acids 1-200) and a non-phosphorylated Tau fraction (w/o T175/T181) in human CSF
  • Kits for quantitative determination of phosphorylated Tau on Position 231 and Tau aggregates in human CSF; for research use only!
  • Reproducible 6-point standard curve using lyophilized standards and controls
  • Flexible application depending on sample throughput: Standardized ELISA-Format on 12 x 8 immuno strips
  • Antibody with outstanding specificity, well characterized binding capabilities and optimized stability

The portfolio for CE-Ivd certified ELISAs for human tau comprises the hTAU total, the phosphoTAU and the non-pTAU ELISA for quantification of different tau fractions in CSF of patients with suspected Alzheimer’s disease. The ELISAs enable a diagnostic quality that achieves exceptional results in terms of specificity and sensitivity. The phosphoTAU ELISA determines phosphorylated tau proteins (within amino acids 1-200), while the hTAU total ELISA quantifies overall tau protein. The non-pTAU ELISA using antibody 1G2 (Lewczuk et al. 2017) utilizes a monoclonal antibody specific for the non-phosphorylated TPP sequences (position 175 and 181) of the tau protein and verifies the same. After binding the antigens from human CSF, the detection is conducted by a HRP conjugated secondary antibody specific for Tau protein using the chromogenic substrate Tetra-methylbenzidine (TMB). The included lyophilized standards and controls ensure clinical relevant results with high precision and accuracy. The kits are CE certified and particularly suitable for automation on corresponding platforms allowing convenient routine diagnostics of CSF samples. The standardized assays are optimally adapted and recommended to be used in conjunction with IBL Internationals/Tecans (Hamburg, Germany) Amyloid-β CSF ELISAs.

The p231TAU ELISA and the TAU aggregate ELISA, which are for research use only, represent additional markers for tauopathies. The p231TAU ELISA specifically detects tau protein with phosphorylation at threonine 231, while the Tau aggregate ELISA verifies various Tau aggregates, including spherical and protofibrillar oligomers.



  • hTAU ELISA: Human tau total
  • non-pTAU ELISA : Tau w/o phosphor at T175/T181
  • phosphoTAU ELISA: Phosphorylated tau
  • p231TAU ELISA: tau protein with phosphorylation at threonine 231
  • TAU aggregate ELISA: Tau aggregates, including spherical and protofibrillar oligomers


  • hTAU total ELISA: 25 pg/ml
  • non-pTAU ELISA : 25 pg/ml
  • phosphoTAU ELISA: 30 pg/ml

Detection principle


Starting material


Detection time

4 - 5 h

Order Information

Product nameQuantityOrder number
hTAU total ELISA96 reactions847-0108000101
non-pTAU ELISA96 reactions847-0108000102
phosphoTAU ELISA96 reactions847-0108000104
p231TAU ELISA96 reactions847-0104000112

TAU aggregate ELISA

96 reactions847-0104000116



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Manual hTAU total ELISA (English)

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Manual hTAU total ELISA (Spanish)

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Manual hTAU total ELISA (Italian)

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Manual phosphoTAU ELISA (English)

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Manual phosphoTAU ELISA (Spanish)

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Manual phosphoTAU ELISA (Italian)

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Manual pTAU rel ELISA (English)

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Tau without T181 phosphorylation as new biomarker of Alzheimer's Disease

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Biomarker profiling for Neurodegenerative Diseases

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  1. Ermann N, et al. CSF nonphosphorylated Tau as a biomarker for the discrimination of AD from CJD. Ann Clin Transl Neurol. 2018 May 26;5(7):883-887. doi: 10.1002/acn3.584. eCollection 2018 Jul. PMID: 30009207

  2. Calderón-Garcidueñas L, et al. Non-Phosphorylated Tau in Cerebrospinal Fluid is a Marker of Alzheimer's Disease Continuum in Young Urbanites Exposed to Air Pollution. J Alzheimers Dis. 2018;66(4):1437-1451. doi: 10.3233/JAD-180853. PMID: 30412505

  3. Lewczuk P, et al. Non-Phosphorylated Tau as a Potential Biomarker of Alzheimer's Disease: Analytical and Diagnostic Characterization. J Alzheimers Dis. 2017;55(1):159-170. PMID: 27662295

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