ELISAs for human α-Synuclein

Product Details

  • Quantitative determination of total and pathological relevant ß-sheet rich α-Synuclein oligomers in human CSF, serum or plasma
  • Reproducible 6-point standard curve using lyophilized standards and controls
  • Flexible application depending on sample throughput: Standardized ELISA-Format on 12 x 8 immunostrips
  • For research use only!

The hSYN total ELISA is a highly-sensitive homogeneous Sandwich-ELISA, that allows the specific and precise detection and quantification of total α-Synuclein in human CSF, serum or plasma.The HUMAN α-Synuclein PATHO ELISA is based on a highly-sensitive Sandwich-ELISA using mAb 5G4 as capture antibody and mAb 10D2 as detection antibody. MAb 5G4 specifically recognizes amino acids 47-52 in ß-sheet rich α -Synuclein oligomers, a pathological conformation of the protein in synucleinopathies (Kovacs 2012). MAb 10D2 binds to amino acids 119-126 within the C-terminal part of the protein and is very suitable for detection of all α -Synuclein forms.
The human α-Synuclein ELISAs are for research use only and not intended as a diagnostic tests.



  • hSYN total ELISA: total α-Synuclein

  • HUMAN α-Synuclein PATHO ELISA: AS 47-52 of ß-sheet rich α -Synuclein oligomers

Starting material

  • hSYN total ELISA: CSF, serum, plasma
  • HUMAN α-Synuclein PATHO ELISA: CSF, serum, plasma

Detection principle

  • hSYN total ELISA: homogeneous Sandwich-ELISA
  • HUMAN α-Synuclein PATHO ELISA: Sandwich-ELISA

Order Information

Product nameQuantityOrder number
hSYN total ELISA96 reactions847-0108000103
HUMAN α-Synuclein PATHO ELISA96 reactions




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Biomarker profiling for Neurodegenerative Diseases

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Poster_Antibody 5G4 for specific detection of disease-associated a-synuclein

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Poster_Detection of Parkinson disease-associated a-Synuclein in CSF

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