Kits and solutions for nucleic acid isolation

Please note:

With the transfer of AJ Innuscreen to IST AG, the business with kits and reagents also shifts. Please note that extraction kits are now only available from IST AG. From now on you can send your orders to or send your questions to The kits and reagents will be removed from our site at the end of October.

Reagents for Molecular Biology

Analytik Jena offers all from one hand: polymerases and master mixes for PCR or real-time PCR respectively, as well as PCR buffer, additives, dNTP‘s, DNA ladders and loading dyes for gel electrophoresis. We know the requirements of our customers. And we know to what they attach special importance: to highest quality and a service, which deserves that characteristic.

Reagents for PCR

The following product group includes a variety of highly efficient polymerases and master mixes for PCR, providing the flexibility needed for easy PCR optimization. Reagents are suitable both for rapidPCR and for PCR.


Reagents Real-time PCR/qPCR

Whether you are working with intercalating dyes or probe assays, innuMIX master mixes are the ideal amplification reagents for a variety of different real-time PCR applications. The concentration of these mixes has been doubled, which enormously simplifies setup, significantly reduces hands-on steps and minimizes sources of error.