innuDETECT Pathagon Assays

innuDETECT Food Pathogen Assays

Product line of molecular diagnostic test systems for the identification of food pathogens

Product Details

  • Verified for application following manual or automated nucleic acid extraction
  • Lyophilized reagents for easy PCR set up, to minimize errors, for improved efficiency and for shipping at room temperature
  • Internal control included
  • Fast analysis due to optimized PCR chemistry: assay time 1 h

Are you looking for a fast and sensitive method for the identification of microorganisms in food samples? Thanks to developments in molecular biological techniques, Analytik Jena's solutions minimize the analysis time with minimal personnel effort and reduce the costs incurred while taking into account the quality requirements of today's daily laboratory routines. Benefit from the new TaqMan®-based innuDETECT Food Pathogen Assays, which enable specific analysis for a range of pathogens encountered in food control applications. DNA extraction using our novel SmartExtraction technology and subsequent application of Analytik Jena's innuDETECT Food Pathogen Assays, based on lyophilized master mixes, make the daily use easy and secure.The reproducible real-time PCR results are characterized by very good efficiency, detected in the FAM channel. The artificial internal control integrated in the assays can be used as extraction as well as amplification control and is detected in the HEX channel.


Detection principle

  • Real-Time PCR (TaqMan)
  • Target-DNA (FAM); Internal Control (HEX)

Starting material

Pathogen DNA isolated from pellets following stomacher cultivation

Detection Time

1 h


5 Copies/PCR reaction

Order Information

Order number               Quantity    
Listeria monocytogenes Assay
24 reactions
845-IDF-0021096   96 reactions
845-IDF-0022024innuDETECT Salmonella spp. Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-0022096   96 reactions
845-IDF-0023024innuDETECT Salmonella enterica Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-0023096   96 reactions
845-IDF-0024024innuDETECT Campylobacter spp. Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-0024096   96 reactions
845-IDF-0025024innuDETECT Shiga Toxin 1 Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-002509696 reactions
845-IDF-0026024innuDETECT Shiga Toxin 2 Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-0026096   96 reactions
845-IDF-0027024innuDETECT E. coli O157 Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-002709696 reactions
845-IDF-0028024innuDETECT E. coli O104 Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-002809696 reactions
845-IDF-0029024innuDETECT Listeria spp. Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-002909696 reactions