innuPREP Plasmid Mini Kit 2.0

innuPREP Plasmid Mini Kit 2.0

Flexible combination kit for isolating high copy and low copy plasmid DNA, P1 constructs etc.

Product Details

  • Allows preparation of a wide volume range between 0.5 ml to 15 ml bacterial culture
  • Purification of up to 80 µg high qualitative plasmid DNA
  • Optimized Spin Filter membranes with adapted binding capacity
  • Accelerated routines thanks to optimized protocols
  • Direct use of high qualitative plasmid DNA for sensitive applications, like transfection, cloning, PCR or sequencing
  • Comfortable handling due to mini Spin Filter format (after lysis)

innuPREP Plasmid Mini Kit 2.0 allows the fast and easy isolation of plasmid DNA from bacteria cultures. To gain an optimal result protocol sequences, as well as the chemistry and used Spin Filters were adapted if compared to precursor products innuPREP Plasmid Mini Kit and innuPREP Plasmid Mini Kit Plus. The routine is based on the combination of an alkaline lysis and binding of the plasmid DNA to a filter membrane after precipitation of the chromosomal DNA and bacterial proteins. Bound plasmid DNA is then washed and finally eluted by using a low molar buffer. The isolated plasmid DNA can be used for a number of sensitive downstream applications, like transfection, cloning, PCR or sequencing directly. The new procedure also allows for processing of 0.5 ml to 15 ml of bacterial cultures based on the usage of a table centrifuge (after lysis). Due to the new filter membrane up to 80 µg pDNA can be isolated from one sample.


Average yield

  • Depending on the sample and the used volume
  • Typical yield from 2 ml (high copy Plasmid): approx. 6 – 20 µg
  • Typical yield from 15 ml (high copy Plasmid): approx. 60 – 70 µg

Starting material

  • Bacteria cultures (0.5 to 15 ml)
  • Extraction of high copy plasmid DNA/ low copy plasmid DNA, P1 constructs and cosmid DNA

Average purity

1,7 – 2,0

Extraction time

Approx. 15 min

Binding capacity

Approx. 80 µg pDNA

Order Information

Order number
(Spin Filter with lid)
845-KS-504101010 reactions
845-KS-504105050 reactions
845-KS-5041250250 reactions
845-KS-5041500500 reactions