#HowToFeliX goes around the world

Are you ready to take off for lab automation? We are. #HowToFeliX goes around the world and takes you on a trip to versatile applications and methods already installed. Get to know expertise on e.g. automated MALDI-TOF sample preparation, qPCR setup and sample preparation for personalized cancer treatment during this journey.

Visit us at SLAS 2020 in San Diego, California and experience it for yourself.

January 25 - 29

San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA/USA
Stand #1019

#HowToFeliX Tutorial Experience the variety of flexible liquid handling

Get to know how to “FeliX” your application. Learn how to take advantage of our open platform with the smallest footprint and the most reliable liquid handling technologies for your individual solutions.

Learn about first-hand experiences from industry and research users who successfully "FeliXed" their application and now benefit from a customized automation solution, e.g. Artel, Kaleido Biosciences, SEngine Precision Medicine and Abide Therapeutics. Examples include setups for qPCR & PCR, gene engineering, sample preparation, cellular applications and many more. Discover a new world of application possibilities, discover #HowToFeliX!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 | 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Location: 1B (upper level)

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What our customers say

"Challenging liquid handling tasks easy to achieve"

We at Ionovation use the CyBio FeliX for two unusual applications: as a media supply for an organ-on-chip system and for an lipid bilayer electrophysiology workstation. The flexibility and the programming options of the CyBio FeliX make both of these challenging liquid handling tasks easy to achieve.“

Dr. Roland Hemmler, Product Manager Ionovation GmbH

"The CyBio FeliX proved to be indispensable..."

"The CyBio FeliX proved to be indispensable for establishing and optimizing the workflow. Particularly important for us was the fine-grained control of liquid dispensing for gentle compound additions to minimize cell disturbance."

Dr. Ralf Schwandner, CEO & Founder Assay.Works GmbH

"The CyBio FeliX is the hidden champion..."

“The CyBio FeliX is the hidden champion of our CompuGene-platform for developing Synthetic Biology applications. We use it for controlling our cell-factories with inducers and preparing samples for cytometry. The flexibility in programming and precision of movement even allows us to use it as a colony picker.”

Prof. Dr. Johannes Kabisch, TU Darmstadt


“The CyBio FeliX is an indispensable part of our assay workflow."

“The CyBio Felix is an indispensable part of our assay workflow. The complexity of our manual steps was incorporated into multiple CyBio Felix processes for dispensing liquids with high precision and accuracy. The processes applied made our semi-automated workflows efficient and easy to perform.”

Elisabet L. Nalvarte, PhD, Great Plains Laboratory

"The CyBio FeliX makes up the backbone of our NGS workflow automation..."

“The CyBio FeliX makes up the backbone of our NGS workflow automation at LabGenius, taking us all the way from sample to qPCR quantified sequencing library with the click of a button. The Cybio FeliX enables this through its reliability, precision control and ease of integration.“

Staffan Piledahl, Software Engineer, LabGenius Ltd.