MEDICA 2019 18 to 21 November 2019 | Duesseldorf | Hall 3, Booth E74


Visit us at the MEDICA in Duesseldorf!

Meet our AJ Roboscreen experts in personal and learn about our newest innovations and products in the field of in vitro diagnostics of infectious and neurodegenerative diseases. Visit us at the MEDICA 2019 at the joint booth of the Saxon Chamber of Commerce and Industry IHK Sachsen in Hall 3, Booth E47.

RoboGene Product Family

Our CE-IvD certified Real-time PCR-Assays for quantification of HBV DNA, HCV RNA and HDV RNA in human plasma and serum samples allow the highly sensitive and specific determination of viral load during antiviral therapy. The assays HBV 3.0 and HCV 3.0 are validated for use with automated nucleic acid extraction with the liquid handling system CyBio FeliX. Benefit from an optimized work process with a throughput of up to 96 samples in one step!


Coming soon! Dengue Virus ELISAs

Our CE-IvD certified Dengue Virus IgG and IgM ELISAs enable the highly specific detection of human antibodies against dengue virus (serotypes 1-4) in serum samples of patients excluding cross-reactivity against ZIKA viruses and other flaviviruses.

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Our product portfolio for neurodegenerative diseases includes ELISAs, antibodies and recombinant proteins for Tau, β-Amyloid, Prion Protein und α-Synuclein for various applications in diagnostics and research. For routine diagnostics in the CSF of patients with suspected Alzheimer's disease, we offer highly specific and sensitive CE-IvD certified ELISAs for total TAU, phosphoTAU and non-pTAU. The non-pTAU ELISA is the world's only diagnostic assay for non-phosphorylated tau protein and, in combination with the total Tau and phosphoTau ELISA, offers a precise differential diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases with the potential to distinguish Alzheimer's disease from other forms of dementia such as Creutzfeld-Jakob- Disease and Parkinson's disease.


Our CyBio FeliX is perfect for the automation of virtually every laboratory workflow. With our INSTANT Virus RNA/DNA Kit-FX, nucleic acid purification of up to 96 samples in one run is possible with little manual effort. Find out more about the use of our in vitro diagnostics in an automated workflow with our CyBio FeliX at the MEDICA.

MEDICA | 18 to 21 November 2019
Open daily from 10 am - 6 pm

Booth E74 | Hall 3

Am Staad (Stockumer Hoefe) | 40474 Duesseldorf