SLAS2023 International Conference and Exhibition

February 25 – March 01, 2023


SLAS2023 – International Conference and Exhibition

Date: February 25, 2023 – March 1, 2023

Location: San Diego Convention Center | San Diego | CA, USA

You’re focused on results – we’re focused on you … 

… because our primary goal is that you can concentrate exclusively on your research and we will concentrate on helping you streamline and automate your manual workflow.
We are a provider of a provider of highly precise automation instruments, made in Germany. We want to  help you with your application needs so you can focus on your research. We know your requirements today may not fit your growing lab tomorrow.  With our flexible solutions you can essentially help futureproof your lab. Your new work flow and throughput requirement can be easily be adapted and grow with your new application needs. The Analytik Jena team will support every step of the way, from designing a personalized solution today and continuous support throughout your ownership experience.  

Exhibitor Tutorials

Tutorial: FleX Your FeliX Flexible Solutions to Futureproof Your Lab

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Location: 17A

Requirements today don’t always fit your growing lab’s needs for tomorrow. Futureproof your lab with FeliX flexible solutions. The CyBio FeliX automated pipette robot allows you to easily adapt your new workflow and throughput needs for each new application. Take advantage of our open platform with the smallest footprint and most reliable liquid handling technologies. Learn about first-hand experiences from industry and research users who successfully “FleX their FeliX” and recurrently benefit from a customized automation solution.

Discover a new world of application possibilities, discover #HowToFeliX!

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