Interview Christoph Fröhlich Specialist Industrial Engineering

“I Felt at Home From the Start”

Christoph Fröhlich is a specialist in industrial engineering. In our interview, he explains how he made his way to Analytik Jena four years ago and how he keeps the manufacturing of instruments running alongside his colleagues in Production.

Mr. Fröhlich, how did you come to work for Analytik Jena? How did it all start?

I have worked at Analytik Jena since 2016. Before that I worked in retail, but was looking for a position that better suited what I had studied. I started as a materials controller and was also an interim team leader in the Life Science area. Later I changed to Industrial Engineering. Due to the increased demand for production because of the pandemic at the moment I currently help out with materials controlling.

What was your first impression of the Company? What did you think of the atmosphere?

I felt at home from the start. My colleagues and the entire Company made me feel welcome and helped me integrate. The thing I especially liked was the good age diversity and the family-friendly nature of Analytik Jena.

Can you briefly describe your work for the Company? What issues do you deal with and what challenges do you face every day?

My work is essentially divided into two major sub-areas. One thing I take care of is the daily material planning in production. This mainly involves material planning, material bookings, issuing delivery bills, writing stock orders and the like. It is challenging whenever we experience material shortages or when suppliers can’t deliver as planned. In these cases I try to find replacements and coordinate with suppliers. As there is currently an increased demand for production, the quantity of materials required also means that quality must be monitored more critically.  

Another thing I take care of is the launching of the new ERP system INFOR 10.7 in production. The biggest challenge with this is ensuring the functionality of the system for the production departement. 

What do you particularly like about your work?

I particularly like the way my colleagues in production and in the Company as a whole interact with each other. Everyone is highly motivated to improve processes and structures. It’s very inspiring. Despite the increased pressure on the production team, the overall mood is always positive.

How has your work for Analytik Jena changed over time? How has Analytik Jena changed over time?

The professionalization of structures and processes is constantly forging ahead. This is a very good development. Everyone has moved closer together in the last few years and the exchange both within the department and between departments has improved. Potential for improvement is addressed proactively, which is very good.

What goals do you have? What else do you have planned for your career?

My goal is to simplify and digitalize material management in production even further. This includes collecting operational data to make processes more transparent. In addition, I will try my best to make the move of the ICP-OES production to Jena smooth and efficient.

What motivates you? What drives you?

The positive mood among my colleagues and the great work environment are very motivating. The Company has a lot of potential that we can pursue together as a team. At the moment it is great to see that our Life Science tools are supporting the fight against COVID-19. With every device we make, more tests can be carried out. This is a huge incentive for me and my work.

What do you do to really switch off?

I do sports as soon as time allows - especially mountain biking and HIT workouts - or I spend time with my kids playing. Especially on the playground you become a kid yourself (laughs). On the way to work or on the way home, I read various books during the train ride to switch off.

Is there an event or personal highlight that stands out in your time at Analytik Jena?

My second Christmas party as an Analytik Jena employee was something very special for me. It was a huge party and very professionally organized. I had never seen anything like it in my previous jobs.

Thank you for the interview.